Information Gathering Sessions


The Health Care and Economic Security Staff Development Center (SDC) will begin Process-Based Training development in July 2016. Information gathering sessions will occur throughout each development phase.


Participants include Eligibility Site staff (e.g. trainers, supervisors, lead workers), Help Desk teams, Quality Assurance teams, CBMS on-line help, CDHS and HCPF Policy and Systems staff.

Meeting Information

Participants may join meetings in person or participate virtually. Pre-registration is not required.


Sessions will be begin at 9:00 a.m. with a scheduled end time of 12:00 p.m. The length of each session may vary depending on the content and discussions.

SDC Location

7800 E Orchard Rd, Suite 280
Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Virtual Information

Adobe Connect:
Conference Number: 1-888-757-2790
Pass Code: 336598#

Meeting Agenda

  • Introductions
  • Overview
  • Scope of modules
  • Identify expected Outcomes
  • Discussions for the following:
    • existing training documents
    • information that must be included
    • examples/scenarios to consider
    • trends in questions received (e.g. staff, help desk tickets, state email boxes)
    • quality assurance findings to incorporate
    • on-line help overview/recommended changes
DateSection Overview  Modules
7/18/16Programs OverviewIntro to HLPGs, Building Effective Relationships, Understanding Poverty
7/25/16Beginning Data Entry ProcessesApplication Initiation, State ID/Client ID, PEAK Application, Companion Cases
8/1/16Application ProcessingGeneral Eligibility Requirements, Application Processing Requirements (Intake and RRR),
8/8/16Case InformationCase Questions, Case Information, Case Payee, Case Communications, Case Comments
8/15/16Interviews & Interface OverviewInterview Requirements, Critical Thinking, FA Missed Interviews, Financial Missed Interviews, Individual Compliance Page (Missed Interviews), Interface Overview (Interfaces will be covered in detail throughout training modules)
8/29/16VerificationsVerification Overview, Matrix, Checklist, Late or Missed (Intake and RRR), Individual Compliance Page (Verifications)
9/6/16Certification Periods & Simplified ReportingCertification Periods, Simplified Reporting (FA and CW)
9/12/16Demographics & ResidencyDemographics Overview, Prior Aid, Individual Attributes, Identification Detail, Colorado Residency, Address, SSI Details Page, Ethnicity
9/19/16Case Individual & Tax InformationCase Individual, Individual Tax Information,
9/26/16Relationship InformationHH Relationship Overview, Relationships for each HLPG (Med, LTC, SNAP, Cash Programs), Pregnancy, Incarceration, Fleeing Felons, Drug Rehab
10/11/16Citizens/Non-CitizensCitizen/Non-Citizen Overview, Sponsors, Sponsor Deeming, Hardship (SNAP & Cash Programs), Work Quarters, Interfaces
10/24/16ExpensesExpenses Overview, Shelter, Utility, Medical, Dependent Care, ISM, Wrap Up Review
11/7/16ResourcesResources Overview, Countable, Exempt, Transfer without Fair Consideration (TWFC), Wrap Up Review
11/14/16IncomeIncome Overview, Countable, Exempt, Income Calculations, Pro-Rated Income, Earned, Unearned, Student, Reasonable Compatibility, Child Support Income/Interface, Self- Employment including LLC’s and S-CORPS, Unemployment, In-Kind, Wrap Up Review
12/12/16Final StepsTime Clock, Data Conflicts, APTC, Life Change Events, EF/WFD, EDBC, Capture Discrepancy Information, Wrap Up Review, Authorization, Client Correspondence

Additional Topics

The next phase of development will begin February 2017. Topics for the next development phase, information gathering sessions and outline will be available early January 2017.

Contact Information

Please contact the SDC at if you have questions regarding this process.