Adult Financial

Adult Financial Document Updates

The following updated, Adult Financial documents have been posted to the Document Library (see Documents and Resources > Document Library > Adult Financial) AF Program Overview Desk Aid AF To ISM Or Not To ISM That Is The Question Desk Aid EF AF General Eligibility Requirements EF AF Income EF AF Missed Interview Procedure EF […]

AND-SO Regional Training 2015

The Health Care and Economic Security Staff Development Center (SDC) is excited to announce that course materials are now available from the AND-SO 2015 Regional Training. The PowerPoint slides and all handouts from this training can be found under Documents and Resources > AND-SO Regional Training 2015. If you have questions, please email the SDC at […]

The Adult Financial and Colorado Works Assessments are Now Ready

Hello, The Adult Financial and Colorado Works assessments are now available for registration. You will have to register for a training plan in order to gain access to the assessment(s).  Certified Trainers For the trainers that have attended CO.Learn system training, there is a video available in the LMS that goes over grading assessments in […]