CBMS Income Page Training

The Health Care and Economic Security Staff Development Center (SDC) is in the process of finalizing the training for the CBMS Income Updates project. This training will consist of four different parts including process manuals to help CBMS users understand the changes related to this project.

The Training is broken down into 3 Web Based Training (WBT) modules, 1 Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) course, and 3 process manuals on how to complete the data entry.

Training Name Modality Overview Estimated Completion Time Date available for end users
CBMS Income Pages Update Web-Based Training Provides an overview of the page changes. 15 – 20 minutes Currently available
CBMS Income Page Data Entry Web-Based Training Provides an overview of the data entry process to enter Earned Income. 15 – 20 minutes Currently available
Entering New Income

Adding income to an existing job

Terminated Income

Process Manual Documents (3 documents) Each document will be a step-by-step process with instructions and screen shots. Not estimated since these are user guides that can be referenced outside of the training modules Currently available
CBMS Income Calculations Web-Based Training Provides explanations to how CBMS will calculate income entered and what users would expect to see as countable income. 30 – 45 minutes Currently available
CBMS Income – Hands-On Training Instructor-Led This session is an opportunity for hands-on data entry practice in the CBMS Training Environment. Sessions will be facilitated online (participant at their desk) by the SDC. Eligibility Site Certified Trainers will also be offering the sessions in person-on site. 3 hours After 8/1/17 – users can register for the sessions on CO.Learn

Part one has been released and is now available to complete by logging into your CO.Learn account and searching for CBMS Income Page Updates. The SDC will send additional communications as each portion is released.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this email, please contact us at SOC_StaffDevelopment@state.co.us.