Client Correspondence/Notice of Action (NOA) Project Training

The Health Care and Economic Security Staff Development Center (SDC) has released the training for the Client Correspondence/Notice of Action (NOA) project. The implementation of this project will be announced at a later date.

This training consists of both a web-based module and a desk aid to help CBMS users understand the changes related to this project.

This training can be access by logging into your CO.Learn account and searching for Client Correspondence – The More You NOA

Training Name Modality Overview Estimated Completion Time Training Location
Client Correspondence – The More You NOA Web-Based Training Provides an overview of the changes that were made to the Notice of Action (NOA). 15 – 20 minutes CO.Learn
A New Look to the Notice of Action (NOA) Desk Aid This desk aid will provide a quick overview of what each section of the NOA looks like and the changes made to those sections. Not estimated since this is a guide that users can reference outside of the training module. (In the CBMS folder under Document Library)