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CO.Learn is the Learning Management System (LMS) used to access the Health Care and Economic Security Staff Development Center’s instructor led and web based training. Click to expand each information section below.

The CO.Learn LMS is available at

Logging in to the CO.Learn LMS

New Users


Please contact us at if you encounter problems with this log in process.

Training Plans

New Workers

Please refer the “What courses do I need to take?” form available in the homepage in CO.Learn. This form will help you determine which training plan you should register for.

CO.Learn Q & A

# Question Answer Date Posted Last Update
1 Where do I register to use CO.Learn? You can register to use CO.Learn above. Select the “Logging in to the CO.Learn LMS” link. Choose the registration option based on your current job role. Once all of the information has been populated you will be logged into CO.Learn to select and complete training. Please Note: If you are a HCPF user please email HCPF Trainers February 2017
2 What is my user name to log into CO.Learn? Your username is your email address. February 2017
3 I need to change the Eligibility Site that shows for me in the system? Email us at SOC_StaffDevelopment to change your Eligibility Site. February 2017
4 I requested a password reset multiple times and still have not received an email to reset my password. The email address on file for you may not be current or your CO.Learn profile may be inactive. Please send an email to Please make sure that you include your current email address. February 2017
5 I am getting an error message, “You have entered invalid credentials.” This means that the user name entered is not what is listed on your CO.Learn profile or you are entering your credentials incorrectly. Please double check then send an email to Please make sure that you include your current email address. February 2017
6 How do I find and register for training? Hover over the Learning Tab and select Browse for training or use the search on the top right of the page in CO.Learn. It is best to select a training plan for the HLPG that you will be authorizing so that all required content, training and assessments will be included. Once the training plan or individual training is found select request to register and launch to begin training. February 2017
7 I am unable to launch training. It is stuck at a loading screen and will not begin. You may encounter browser issues if using Internet Explorer. Please use Google Chrome. Watch for the pop up blocker within Chrome which appears as a red X in the address bar. Click to allow pop ups and then refresh the page. This will resolve most troubles with the training launching. February 2017
8 I am trying to complete training, however a module I have reviewed will not switch from in progress to complete after multiple attempts. My transcript shows this training as incomplete. This will occur if a topic within a module was missed. Relaunch the module and using the table of contents make sure there is a check mark next to each topic. If any of the content is missing a check mark use the back and next buttons within the training to go back and review these items. February 2017
9 How do I view my completed training in CO.Learn? Hover over the learning tab and select “View your transcript.” Change the dropdown arrow next to the word active to completed. All completed training will be listed here. February 2017
10 My transcript does not show all of my completed training. If you are in the process of completing a training plan, training will not appear in completed items until all of the required training within are complete. February 2017
11 Why am I on an exception list for training? An exception request is generated in the system when you are trying to register for a course and a prerequisite has not been met. You will receive an email with instructions on what to do next. February 2017
12 How do I register for Read Only CBMS access? When logged into CO.Learn users should be directed to the Welcome Page automatically. You should select the “What courses do I need to take” link. Users will then be prompted to complete a questionnaire. For the question: “What type of user are you?” you should select Inquiry only user. You will then see the Read Only Training Plan for CBMS listed at the bottom of the page. February 2017

CO.Train Records

CO.Train transcripts and certificates are still in place at Please contact us at if you encounter problems accessing CO.Train records.

CO.Learn Staff Development Portal