Building Foundations Q & A

# Question Answer Date Posted Last Update
1 Are there changes to the rules about non-citizens and the 5-year bar for MA? In 2009 Colorado passed a bill which eliminates the 5-year residency bar for Medicaid and CHP+ eligibility for legally present children, and eliminates the 5-year residency bar for CHP+ eligibility for legally present pregnant women. Although funding was granted in 2014, qualifying individuals will not receive coverage as of July 1. 2014. There are required system changes to CBMS estimated to be implemented in Summer 2015, as well as the Department does not have Federal authority to implement this policy, which prevents implementation. The Department is working on securing federal approval through a State Plan Amendment to be submitted to CMS. A qualifying individual who applies prior to implementation of the policy will be denied, based on the 5-year residency requirement, and will need to reapply for Medical Assistance after the policy is implemented (tentatively Summer 2015). March 2015
2 Can an individual receive a diversion while also receiving recurring benefits (BCA)? An individual cannot receive BCA and a diversion in the same month. March 2015
3 Medical ReExam Date column in the Case Information page. What is this used for? It is a field on the Disability/Medical Conditions page used by Adult Financial for the State AND program to indicate when the individual needs to have another Med exam completed.  The March 2015 build will change the name to ‘AF Med Exam Date’. March 2015
4. How do you apply for the repatriation program? The Department of State refers persons eligible for the repatriation program to ISS-USA. CDHS is not involved. July 2015