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Adult Financial

AF CBMS Build Training

IM-100 Form: Application for Funeral, Burial, and/or Cremation Assistance (fillable)

IM-101 Form: Provider Charges, Authorized State Contribution, and County Authorization for Cremation or Burial (fillable)

AF $20 Disregard Flowchart


AF Burial Processing Manual

AF Burial Processing Desk Aid

AF Countable and Exempt Income Desk Aid

AF Countable and Exempt Resources Desk Aid

AF Desk Aid

AF Glossary

AF Interview Process

AF non-recipient Spouse Income Deeming AND-SO Worksheet

AF non-recipient Spouse Income Deeming OAP Worksheet

AF Reference Guide

AF Resource Counting Sheet

AF Sponsor Desk Aid

AF TWFC desk Aid

AF Workbook 

Cash Claims Establishment 

Continued Benefits Flowchart

Discrepancy Flowchart

Electronic Med-9 Form

Entering Vehicle Value for AF Process Manual

Financial Programs Processing Guidelines

GR Codes

Income Frequency Calculations Desk Aid

Ins and Outs of In-Kind Support Maintenance

Interim Assistance Reimbursement (IAR) Processing Manual


ISM Desk Aid for OAP and AND-CS Only

Lawful Presence Desk Aid

Medical Conditions

OAP Medical Assistance Flowchart

Public Assistance Verification Matrix Desk Aid

Small Estate Affidavit

SNAP Benefit Issuance Information

Unearned Income Disregard Chart

Verifying EBT for AF Process Manual

Colorado Works

CW CBMS Build Training

Build Cover Sheet August 2020 

Project 13939 CW Diversion Updates

Project 13940 CBMS In Home Logic Updates for CS Referral

Project 13951 CBMS Supportive Service Reports

CBMS June 2020 Build Cover Sheet 

CW Project 13765 Disaster Assistance Desk Aid 

CW Project 13765 Disaster Assistance Infographic 

EBD Project 13834 Case Review Sample Desk Aid

EBD Project 13834 Case Review Sample Infographic

Build Cover Sheet April 2020

CW Project 13744 Stepparent Logic 

Economic Stimulus Infographic

IPT Projects 13754 & 13738 & 13735 & 13733 & 13739 & 13717

CBMS Project 13608 - Reprinting Correspondence from Spanish to English

CBMS Project 13609 - Adding Active Claim Info to PEAK

February Build Projects 13596 13684 13718 12564 13788 (IPT)

HCPF Project #10874 CBMS Salesforce Marketing Cloud-SMS Text Functionality

IPT Project #12290 CBMS Redesign RMC PEAK PDF

EBD Project #13152 Alignment of Lawful Presence Requirements between CW and AF

IPT 13087 Desk Aid

February 2019 Builds Webinar

Project 12500: Update IRC/Roadmap for Diversion

Voter Choice Form

MyCOBenefits App Enhancements Desk Aid

October 2018 CBMS Build Guide

CBMS June Build Project Guide

CBMS March 2018 Build Project Guide

CBMS March 2018 Build PPT

CBMS December 2017 Build Project Guide

CBMS December 2017 Build PPT

CBMS December 2017 Build Q&A

CBMS September 2017 Build Project Guide

CBMS September 2017 Build PPT

CBMS September 2017 Q&A

CBMS June 2017 Build Project Guide

CBMS June 2017 Build PPT

CBMS March 2017 Build Project Guide

CBMS March 2017 Build PowerPoint - CCUG & EBD

CBMS March 2017 Build Q&A Document

Adverse Action

Case Manager Desk Aid

Cash Claims Establishment

Child Support Referral 


Domestic Violence Screening Tool

Entering CW Diversion Details

Lawful Presence Desk Aid

Negative Changes Timeframes

Public Assistance Verification Matrix

Standards of Assistance Chart

COVID-19 Guidance
EDMS Process Manuals
Food Assistance
Food Assistance CBMS Build Training

DOLE/CUBS Handbook

FS 3C Eligibility Standards - FY 2020

Income Frequency Calculations Desk Aid

Meal Sheet Clarification Desk Aid FINAL

Public Assistance Verification Matrix

SNAP & Cash Assistance Benefit Issuance Information

SNAP 21-day County Desk Aid Revised 6.2018

SNAP Citizenship Desk Aid

SNAP Claims Establishment

SNAP Countable-Exempt Income Desk Aid

SNAP Dual Participation Logic Update #13545

SNAP Income Desk Aid

SNAP Late Verification Flowchart

SNAP Non-Citizen Flowchart

SNAP Non-Citizens Acceptable Documents Desk Aid

SNAP Procedure for Late or Missed Verification

SNAP Procedure for Missed Interview

SNAP Procedure for Removing Household Members

SNAP Processing Deadlines

SNAP Reinstatement #12755 Desk Aid

SNAP Reinstatement Waiver Overview

SNAP Sponsor Desk Aid

SNAP Student Eligibility Reference Guide

#13594 SNAP Updates to Address (PEAK, MyCOBenefits, PEAKPro)

#13749 SNAP Updates to Notice of Missed Interview (NOMI)

Long-Term Care
Medical Assistance

MA CBMS Build Training

CHILD HEALTH PLAN PLUS Monthly Maximum Income Guidelines

Medical Assistance Processing Timeframes 45 days or 90 days

Accountable Care Collaborative Fact Sheet

MAGI MEDICAID Monthly Maximum Income Guidelines

Beneficiary Identification Codes

DOLE/CUBS Handbook

Income Frequency Calculations Desk Aid

Medical Assistance Hierarchy

Deficit Reduction Act (DRA) Fact Sheet

Medical Assistance Hierarchy, Benefit Category, Coverage and Execution Order

Medicaid Citizenship and Identity Requirements for U.S. Citizens (DRA)

MAGI MBU Flowchart

Medical Assistance Program Chart (Excluding Long-Term Care)

Open Enrollment, Shared Eligibility, System, and Medical QA Questions and Answers

Public Assistance Verification Matrix

Third Party Liability (TPL)

Medical Assistance - Non-MAGI

MA Non-MAGI CBMS Build Training

Beneficiary Identification Codes

Medicare Savings Program Desk Aid

Medical Assistance Estate Recovery

Medical Assistance Hierarchy

Non-MAGI LTC Income and Resources Desk Aid January 2020

Process Manuals
Training Process