Income 2017 Q & A

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1. Medical Assistance Only Household provides four paychecks from the same job but two are Not Representative. CBMS is using the actuals of those checks and adding it to the averaged Representative amount. Causing the monthly income to be really high and not what he received. Is this right? For Medicaid only, CBMS will add the two Not Representative(NR) paychecks and use the actual amount for the month the NR income is received.
The two Representative checks are added and averaged by 2 then multiplied by the pay frequency.
The Representative total is then added to the actual Not Representative total to determine the Earned income only for the month the Not Representative income was received.
The monthly gross income for following months will only include the Representative amount.
August 2017
2. MA application date of 03/25/2016. Income was entered for 07/2017. None of the checks are representative; but MA still counts actuals. For Medical Assistance, Representative checks are averaged unless the earned income began in the same month of application.
Actuals are used for Not Representative checks regardless of application month and when the earned income was received.
August 2017
3. RRR on 7/5/17 for FA and CW her case was discontinued so we had to enter this as a new application. We entered one paycheck for 7/4/2017 and CBMS is only using one check for July income. CBMS will implement the Earned Income Redesign calculations effective August 2017. August gross monthly total will reflect the averaged income multiplied by the pay frequency.
Also, it’s important to identify the correct date in the Employment Details section of the page. The Effective Begin Date for this section of the page is the date the employment began.
August 2017
4. Medical Assistance RRR-Ongoing Employment-Current Income Not Provided. What happens if DOLE interfaces between the last representative income entry and the RRR month? Will the manual entry supersede the DOLE interface or will the old representative income overrule the Interface? The most current income will supersede older entries. So, if a manual entry was made after DOLE interface that is what CBMS will use to calculate income. August 2017
5. When is the new check type logic effective? What about RRRs? The new check type logic has different effective dates:

Intake Application

  • Any application processed after implementation with an Application Date of 7/31/2017 or earlier will have the old check type logic applied.
  • Application Date of 8/1/2017 or later will have the new check type logic applied.


  • RRR due 7/31/2017 will have the new check type logic applied at the next RRR.
  • RRRs for month 08/17 or later will have the new check type logic applied at that RRR.
August 2017
6. I have a case that shows the frequency of Daily. Per the Income Training this field is no longer available in CBMS. What do I do? For CBMS cases where the Income records shows an-invalid Frequency (removed) you will need to enter an Effective End Date in the Income Details section of the page since the value can’t be changed/edited.
All fields of that record will be greyed out except for the Earned Income Details EED, Employment End Date, Termination Reason, Verification, Source, Date Reported and Date Verified.
If you are not able to EED the data because of incomplete fields that are greyed out. You can open a HD ticket to request a data fix for the case.
August 2017
7. What do I do on a case where the customer reports their Pay Frequency has changed but it’s at the same job in CBMS.

Step 1.

Highlight the employer record in the Summary section of the Earned Income page.
In the Earned Income Details section, enter the Effective End Date (EED) in the Earned Income section. The EED should be the last of day of the month the customer receives a full month of pay in that Pay Frequency. For example, the Customer was paid Every Two Weeks but is moving to Monthly in September; The EED for Every Two Weeks Pay Frequency Record should be 8/31/2017.

Step 2.

Click Add Earned/Self-Emp Details button to open a new record in the Earned Income Details section of the page. Enter a new Employer record with the new Pay Frequency. Refer to F1 for additional information about this process.

August 2017
8. How do I pend a case for income verification when I’m requesting more paychecks? I used to be able to pend a case at the Employment History page. Per the Income Redesign project requirements, the fields for Verification and Source on the Employment History page were removed, and as such no longer evaluated in the eligibility determination. Since the fields were not evaluated, the case would no longer pend for invalid Source in a field that no longer existed.
This eligibility outcome is the direct result of specific project requirements and further questions, concerns, requests for guidance may be directed to Program Area.
August 2017