Medical Assessments Self Grading

The Health Care and Economic Security Staff Development Center (SDC) announced at the Trainer Network meeting on September 21, 2017, there would be a new process in grading the Medical Assistance (MA) Assessments. This process was implemented on October 16, 2017. The new process is a pilot to have MA Assessments auto graded by CO.Learn. This will give the user immediate feedback and will save time for trainers by not having to grade the assessments. The information gathered during this pilot will be used to inform the SDC of improvements that can be made prior to moving other HLPGs to the auto grading process.

With the recent updates to Assessment answer keys for all HLPGs, the answer key for MA Assessments are not available in Trainer’s Territory. Certified Trainers no longer need to access the answer key since CO.Learn is grading the assessments.

For MA Assessments, the student will now enter their Wrap Up results into CO.Learn for the appropriate corresponding Assessment. The student must get all answers correct to pass the assessment. Once all answers are submitted for scoring, the student will have the ability to review the response for each answer entered whether correct or incorrect.

If the student fails the assessment, the student will have two additional attempts.