Process-Based Training Update

The Health Care and Economic Security Staff Development Center (SDC) is currently developing a Process-Based Training (PBT) curriculum.

The SDC is dedicated to delivering a successful training program. During the PBT development process, the SDC has determined that additional development time is necessary. The additional time invested will allow the SDC to develop effective, interactive, and engaging training.

PBT uses a blended learning approach (web based modules and instructor led courses) which will provide a meaningful learning experience for new CBMS users and a refresher for existing users. The SDC would like to reiterate that PBT consists not only of web based training. Instructor led training (virtual or in-person) and hands-on practice are essential components that will contribute to the success of the program.

The SDC is using information received from various sources for PBT development.  As CBMS and rule changes are implemented, the changes are being taken into consideration as development occurs. The information received previously from experienced users across the state during Knowledge Gathering sessions was very helpful and is being used for PBT development.

The SDC is working with state internal stakeholders at this time for review and approval of the curriculum concept. Upon approval, the SDC will complete edits to modules that have been drafted and will prepare them for the larger stakeholder review process. If you have notified the SDC that you would like to review the curriculum, we still have you on our list. You will be notified in advance to plan for the review process. If you would like to be added to our list, contact the SDC.
Meetings with pilot sites will occur once a new pilot timeframe is determined.  

For updated information regarding PBT and the pilot, look for regular updates on our website.