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SalesForce Materials


EF AF Facilitator Guide SalesForce

EF AF Participant Guide SalesForce

EF AF Modernization Facilitator Guide SalesForce


EF AF Welcome and Program Overview PowerPoint SalesForce

EF AF General Eligibility Requirements PowerPoint SalesForce

EF AF Income PowerPoint SalesForce

EF AF Resources PowerPoint SalesForce

EF AF Modernization PowerPoint SalesForce

Welcome and Program Overview Module

EF AF Welcome and Program Overview PowerPoint

AF Glossary

AF Reference Guide

Bingo Card 1 (optional)

Bingo Card 2 (optional)

Bingo Card 4 (optional)

(These materials are used for the entire course)

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General Eligibility Requirements Module

EF AF General Eligibility Requirements PowerPoint

AF Program Overview Desk Aid

Medicaid Estate Recovery Packet (optional)

AF Lawful Presence Desk Aid

EF FA Entering the Matrix Activity/Desk Aid

Anita Matrix Key

Hector Matrix Key

Stuart Matrix Key

AF Scenario Practice Activity

AF Scenario Practice Activity Key

Blank IM-14 Form

Colorado GR Codes

Blank Med 9 Form

ADAD 500 Client Referral Form (optional)

ADAD 600 Consent Form (optional)

CDHS Interviews Page Desk Aid

Entering a Med 9 Process Manual

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Income Module

EF AF Income PowerPoint

AF $20 Disregard Flowchart

AF To ISM or Not to ISM – That is the Question Desk Aid

AF ISM Desk Aid

AF Income Desk Aid

Income Activity (set of cards which need to be printed and cut out – if possible laminated)

Income Quiz Game

OAP Medical Assistance Flow Chart

AF Non-recipient Spouse Income Deeming OAP Worksheet (need 1 color, 4 b/w per participant)

AF Non-recipient Spouse Income Deeming AND-SO Worksheet

AF Non-recipient Spouse-Parent Income Deeming AND-CS Worksheet

OAP Spousal Deeming Activity

OAP Spousal Deeming Activity Key

Small Estate Affidavit (Optional)

Income Frequency Calculations Desk Aid (new)

Adding an ISM Process Manual

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Resource and Misc Module

EF AF Resources PowerPoint

AF Resources Desk Aid

AF TWFC Desk Aid

Treasure Chest Activity Key

Treasure Chest Coins

TWFC Scenarios Activity

TWFC Scenarios Activity Key

TWFC Data Entry Desk Aid

AF-CW Late Verifications – RRRs Desk Aid

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Non-Citizens WBT

AF Sponsor Desk Aid

AF-MA-FA Citizenship Desk Aid

Non-citizen Acceptable Documents and Class Codes Desk Aid

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Certified Trainer Resources

Clearing the Cache Desk Aid

Report Course Changes Form

EF Certified Trainer Resources

Accessing and using the TRN Environment

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CO.Learn Desk Aids

Add an ILT Session

Manage a Roster

Accessing Evaluations

Printing Certificates

Grading a Test

Training Hours Report

Enterprise Training Report

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Certified Trainer Contact Information

Certified Trainer Contact Information

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Certified Trainer’s Guide

COLearn Certified Trainer’s Guide